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Laser Hair Loss Treatment Toronto

‘Salon Parisa’ has recently become one of North America’s leading providers of the most innovative restorative beauty solutions for both men and women, now supplying only the most advanced and effective solutions in laser hair therapy and restorative products.

No two client’s hair restoration needs are the same, therefore creating bespoke preventive solutions to discourage further hair loss is just as important as stimulating the re-growth of new healthy hair. Alongside your customized prescription for restoration ‘Salon Parisa’ offer the services and product lines for all stages of your re-growth program.

The Laser hair therapy now uniquely available at ‘Salon Parisa’ in North York is based on the principles of over 30 years of clinical research performed by scientists in both the United States and Europe.

It is an extraordinary non-surgical and scientifically proven and tested approach to treating: hair loss, thinning hair, baldness and problems associated with the scalp. It uses Low Level Laser Energy, or "Cold" Laser Light, to effectively treat and control problem hair loss.. The treatment delivers light energy directly from secured laser positions designated to increase the blood flow to the scalp. This process is known as bio stimulation and is similar to that of photosynthesis, using light to stimulate a variety of cellular functions. Monochromatic light waves are produced by a laser and applied to the scalp. The concentrated energy particles emitted by these lasers, called photons, trigger biological changes within our cells.

The cell walls transform themselves into healthy shapes, allowing the cell to function again at full capacity and begin to grow new strands of hair. The result is hair that looks and feels softer, thicker and shinier and is more easily managed.
Laser hair therapy treatments at ‘Salon Parisa’ also offer a harmless procedure to reduce problems such as excessively oily or dry scalp, dandruff and itchiness.

Laser Hair therapy is clinically proven to:

  • Thicken existing hair, strengthening strands and roots
  • Improve the condition of scalp disorders, such as psoriasis
  • Stop the progression of hair loss, encouraging re-growth
  • Repair damaged hair and reduces split ends

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